Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I LOVE your Maxi-Cure! — Super Glue That Is SUPER

Maxi-Cure™ Adhesive from BSI

It is no surprise that our customers can't get enough BSI Maxi-Cure™ adhesive. It is so versatile and effective on so many materials that its uses seem limitless. In fact, I just used it last week to glue felt pads back onto the surface of the nail-on slider glide pads of my barstools. As I hammered them in a few of the felt pads came unglued. Maxi-Cure did the trick and was much stronger than what they were first glued on with. I keep it handy in my kitchen cabinet, where all useful tools should be!

What Have You Used Maxi-Cure™ For? 

Or should I say, what haven't you used it for! Today, we received an email from a customer Down Under. One might say she's a bit of Maxi-Cure evangelist and we love it. Expressing deep gratitude to BSI she says,
"I LOVE your Maxi-Cure. My paint shop sold it to me to glue my old dining room chair seats together when they cracked open. But I've used it for so many things.
A student came to me nearly in tears when he broke something and I brought it into him the next day. It worked.
Then my dentures broke in half. I used it. I talked to a denture place and the woman freaked - it's toxic, you shouldn't use it. So I looked it up on your website. It ISN'T toxic. AND I can use it over and over again ... nothing else will ever do.
THANK YOU!" — Brenda M, Elliott Heads, Queensland AUSTRALIA
Well, there you have it. From felt pads to dentures it is an unbeatable adhesive that you'll be glad to have on the kitchen shelf when something breaks and your next meal depends on it!

Send us a note and let us know how Maxi-Cure has made your life better: CONTACT US

Find out more about Maxi-Cure™

Super Glue Maxi-Cure - Accelerator Insta-Set - BSI Adhesives - Versatile Strong Adhesive

Maxi-Cure™ also comes packaged with Insta-Set™,
to decrease cure time (because sometimes 10-25 seconds
just isn't fast enough).

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Automatic Dispensing of CA

Cyanoacrylate - Automatic Dispensing - Manufacturing - Adhesive Production Workflow - BSI Adhesives

Dispensing Solutions for BSI Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

BSI's adhesives are used in the hobby industry as well as in manufacturing and many times our users request information on automatic dispensing. Our go-to solution is Nordson EFD. This company's automatic dispensing systems are proven to protect your investment of CA's by minimizing material waste by more than 60%.

Nordson EFD offers a wide range of solutions for properly handling cyanoacrylates in optimized workflow settings for nearly every application, which in turn also protects the operator from exposure to the adhesive. Manufacturers simply use 8 oz Insta-Cure, Insta-Cure+, and Maxi-Cure from BSI with Nordson EFD machines.

If you're looking toward increasing production volume or need an accurate, repeatable flow-rate of CA application then it's time to look at automatic dispensing and Nordson EFD with BSI CA adhesives is the perfect solution.

Dispensing Solutions for CA Adhesives - Nordson EFD - BSI Adhesives



Video Icon Nordson EFD Video

More Information on BSI CA's

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wulfgar Weapons & Props Sends Glowing Review on BSI Adhesives

BSI Insta-Cure - BSI Epoxy - Super Glue - CA Glues - Insta-set - BSI Adhesives

Recently Wulfgar Weapons & Props posted the following on their Facebook page:
Whenever anyone asks us about adhesives the answer is always Bob Smith Industries [BSI]
We speak to so many people that have poor experiences with other brands of adhesives especially epoxies and super glue... we did too til we used BSI products!
You'll hear without fail the following statement in our film and cosplay how to workshops - "If you only write one thing or take one picture - BSI adhesives"
25 second no fus hold on most of their stuff including their quick setting 2 part epoxy. They are all so easy to use as well.
Our absolute must have is BSI Maxi-Cure super glue. We use it on everything including foam, rubber, plastic and metal. It is gap filling and doesn't run while applying it.
If you don't have BSI get some... You'll thank us (and them) later.
- James T. Wulfgar

You can view their post and all of the fabulous comments here: FaceBook Post 

Please check out our website for more information on all of our adhesives:
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Friday, October 26, 2018

Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) Creative Make-Over

Today's Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) R/C aircraft have created an environment at flying fields that have many of the models looking exactly the same. By using their imagination and modifying a few parts, modelers can create an aircraft that stands out from the crowd.

Start with an E-Flite Convergence:
Almost Ready to Fly - BSI Adhesive - Model Make-over

Add two new foam parts and  Tamiya acrylic paint:
ARF Make-Over - BSI Adhesives

You have a VB-58!
VB-58 - EFlite Make-Over - BSI Adhesives
ARF - BSI Adhesives - Airplane Kit Make-Over

US Air Force VB-58 - BSI Adhesives
See the original Convergence in action here: CONVERGENCE VIDEO

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bonding Photo Etched Parts - BSI Super Thin Super Glue

Photo Etched (PE) brass and steel parts are now a common feature of many model kits. Some kits are made entirely from these materials. They reproduce small details that injected molded plastics just can’t duplicate with sufficient strength and consistency. In many cases these detail parts are so small bonding them can be a challenge. The application of too much adhesive can ruin the detailed scale effect.

Insta-cure CA - BSI Adhesives

During the construction of one such kit, the Jasmine Model 1/144 scale SR-71 Blackbird, we discovered why the U.S. importer (Engineer Hobbies) recommends BSI’s Insta-Cure super thin CA for assembly of the parts. While holding the metal parts together, one small drop of Insta-Cure penetrates a joint to produce an almost instantaneous, nearly invisible bond with amazing strength.

Blackbird Model - Super Glue - Cyanoacrylate - CA - BSI Adhesives

There are several tools available on the market for applying small amounts of CA. We tried several during the construction of the Blackbird, but we found what works best and is the easiest to clean is a craft stylus/embossing tool. The small metal ball machined into the end of the tool, when dipped into the thin CA, will transfer the majority of the CA on it when it touches a metal joint.
Insta-Cure CA - BSI Superglue - BSI Adhesives
For some PE kits, like the Imperial Shuttle and Empire State Building made by Metal Earth, small tabs are either bent or twisted to hold parts together. We have found these tabs work good 95% of the time, but for the other 5%, a small drop of our Maxi-Cure and Insta-Set applied to the tab secures the joint with the desired rigidity. 

Model Adhesives - Best Model Bonding Super Glue - BSI Adhesives
Empire State Building Model - Metal Earth - PE Model Kit Bonding - Best Glue - BSI Adhesives

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Does BSI Epoxy Dry Clear?

One of the greatest features of Quik-Cure epoxy is that it dries clear, which enhances work time and the beauty of your project. If you don't believe us then listen to E. Cayemberg from Manitowoc, WI . . .
"I kinda dig the way 5 minute Bob Smith epoxy [Quik-Cure] dries clear and seals up covered rocket surfaces masterfully. No tape, no PVC pipe pullers or fancy sticks; just approximately the right amount of epoxy, a steady finger and some alcohol (to wipe up your sticky finger and messy rocket)."    – E. Cayemberg

Check out the entire line of BSI Epoxies:
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Monday, February 27, 2017

BSI Adhesives for Home Improvement - Crown Moulding Hacks

Crown Moulding - Insta-set - Super Glue - Crown Molding - BSI Adhesives

Home contractors are discovering that BSI adhesives save them a ton of time when installing interior wood trim work and crown moulding. The following video details the professional secrets of Chris, The Idaho Painter and Richard of DFW Crown Moulding.  These craftsmen use Insta-Cure+ and/or Maxi-Cure CA along with Insta-Set accelerator to quickly make joints with superior strength. In this video and several others on YouTube, they use one technique that BSI would recommend for only experienced professionals.  Instead of applying the Insta-Set to the part opposite of the one to which  the CA is applied, they spray the accelerator directly on the glue before joining the parts. This gives you a maximum of only 8 seconds from the time the Insta-Set is applied to get the parts perfectly aligned and joined. A delay of just a few seconds will result in the CA curing before the parts are joined, something that will eventually happen to us mere mortals.  So BSI recommends spraying the Insta-Set on the side opposite to the one that will have the CA applied. The accelerator will remain effective for a minute or more, giving you time to deal with real life delays.

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