Monday, August 30, 2021

Unbiased Performance Test on 6 Top Brand CAs (Super Glues) – See How BSI Ranks

Which CA Glue is the BEST... Let's Find Out!

In this independent performance test by The RC Shop at Creepy Crawlers Garage (Tandem C Television), we get a first-hand review of cost per ounce, pressure time, and strength endurance. The RC Shop pits 6 top brands of super glues against each other for you to make your choice.

Which CA Glue is BEST? - BSI Insta-Cure is #1 - Best Super Glue - CA Adhesive - Performance test - Hobby RC - Creepy Crawlers Garage - BSI Adhesives

Clearly BSI's Insta-Cure is top ranking in all tests and should be your number one go-to CA for all your RC and modeling projects.

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