Monday, October 5, 2020

CA Glue Used for 3D Printing with PLA plastic

3D Printing - CA Adhesives - Super Glue - Insta-Set - BSI Adhesives

Cyanoacrylates and Epoxies Find Their Way Into 3D Printing 

We are always delightfully surprised to see BSI Adhesives being used in new ways by new industries. Recently we received word that 3D Printing enthusiasts also love to use BSI Adhesives. 

Frank Fox is one such enthusiast who went beyond just using our adhesives in his 3D printing projects to designing a special holder to keep BSI CA glue and Insta-Set bottles together as a set. Then he went on to design a holder to keep the BSI two-part epoxy bottles together. Genius!! 

Insta-Set - Cyanoacrylate - Super Glue Holder - BSI Adhesives

BSI Adhesives and 3D Printing: The Perfect Partnership

While working on 3D print projects, Fox tells us, "Sometimes it is easier to print a larger project in two or more parts. I learned that your CA glue is the highest recommended product for joining those parts back together. Especially when the parts are made using PLA plastic." After deciding to give BSI Insta-Cure+ a try he tells us, "I purchased both the CA glue and the quick set [Insta-Set] bottles. I can say that your glue has worked marvelous. I love how fast the glue sets once I spray the parts with quick set [Insta-Set]." 

5 minute Epoxy - Two Part Holder - 3D printer - BSI Adhesives

Download Fox's BSI Adhesive Holders

Fox's 3D plans can be downloaded on and are very popular, already being downloaded sixty times in the past two weeks! 

BSI CA and Insta-Set Holder

BSI Epoxy Holder

Find out more about other CAs from BSI such as Maxi-Cure™

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