Monday, June 24, 2019

Automatic Dispensing of CA

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Dispensing Solutions for BSI Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

BSI's adhesives are used in the hobby industry as well as in manufacturing and many times our users request information on automatic dispensing. Our go-to solution is Nordson EFD. This company's automatic dispensing systems are proven to protect your investment of CA's by minimizing material waste by more than 60%.

Nordson EFD offers a wide range of solutions for properly handling cyanoacrylates in optimized workflow settings for nearly every application, which in turn also protects the operator from exposure to the adhesive. Manufacturers simply use 8 oz Insta-Cure, Insta-Cure+, and Maxi-Cure from BSI with Nordson EFD machines.

If you're looking toward increasing production volume or need an accurate, repeatable flow-rate of CA application then it's time to look at automatic dispensing and Nordson EFD with BSI CA adhesives is the perfect solution.

Dispensing Solutions for CA Adhesives - Nordson EFD - BSI Adhesives



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