Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I LOVE your Maxi-Cure! — Super Glue That Is SUPER

Maxi-Cure™ Adhesive from BSI

It is no surprise that our customers can't get enough BSI Maxi-Cure™ adhesive. It is so versatile and effective on so many materials that its uses seem limitless. In fact, I just used it last week to glue felt pads back onto the surface of the nail-on slider glide pads of my barstools. As I hammered them in a few of the felt pads came unglued. Maxi-Cure did the trick and was much stronger than what they were first glued on with. I keep it handy in my kitchen cabinet, where all useful tools should be!

What Have You Used Maxi-Cure™ For? 

Or should I say, what haven't you used it for! Today, we received an email from a customer Down Under. One might say she's a bit of Maxi-Cure evangelist and we love it. Expressing deep gratitude to BSI she says,
"I LOVE your Maxi-Cure. My paint shop sold it to me to glue my old dining room chair seats together when they cracked open. But I've used it for so many things.
A student came to me nearly in tears when he broke something and I brought it into him the next day. It worked.
Then my dentures broke in half. I used it. I talked to a denture place and the woman freaked - it's toxic, you shouldn't use it. So I looked it up on your website. It ISN'T toxic. AND I can use it over and over again ... nothing else will ever do.
THANK YOU!" — Brenda M, Elliott Heads, Queensland AUSTRALIA
Well, there you have it. From felt pads to dentures it is an unbeatable adhesive that you'll be glad to have on the kitchen shelf when something breaks and your next meal depends on it!

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Super Glue Maxi-Cure - Accelerator Insta-Set - BSI Adhesives - Versatile Strong Adhesive

Maxi-Cure™ also comes packaged with Insta-Set™,
to decrease cure time (because sometimes 10-25 seconds
just isn't fast enough).