Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wulfgar Weapons & Props Sends Glowing Review on BSI Adhesives

BSI Insta-Cure - BSI Epoxy - Super Glue - CA Glues - Insta-set - BSI Adhesives

Recently Wulfgar Weapons & Props posted the following on their Facebook page:
Whenever anyone asks us about adhesives the answer is always Bob Smith Industries [BSI]
We speak to so many people that have poor experiences with other brands of adhesives especially epoxies and super glue... we did too til we used BSI products!
You'll hear without fail the following statement in our film and cosplay how to workshops - "If you only write one thing or take one picture - BSI adhesives"
25 second no fus hold on most of their stuff including their quick setting 2 part epoxy. They are all so easy to use as well.
Our absolute must have is BSI Maxi-Cure super glue. We use it on everything including foam, rubber, plastic and metal. It is gap filling and doesn't run while applying it.
If you don't have BSI get some... You'll thank us (and them) later.
- James T. Wulfgar

You can view their post and all of the fabulous comments here: FaceBook Post 

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