Friday, October 26, 2018

Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) Creative Make-Over

Today's Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) R/C aircraft have created an environment at flying fields that have many of the models looking exactly the same. By using their imagination and modifying a few parts, modelers can create an aircraft that stands out from the crowd.

Start with an E-Flite Convergence:
Almost Ready to Fly - BSI Adhesive - Model Make-over

Add two new foam parts and  Tamiya acrylic paint:
ARF Make-Over - BSI Adhesives

You have a VB-58!
VB-58 - EFlite Make-Over - BSI Adhesives
ARF - BSI Adhesives - Airplane Kit Make-Over

US Air Force VB-58 - BSI Adhesives
See the original Convergence in action here: CONVERGENCE VIDEO

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