Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bonding Photo Etched Parts - BSI Super Thin Super Glue

Photo Etched (PE) brass and steel parts are now a common feature of many model kits. Some kits are made entirely from these materials. They reproduce small details that injected molded plastics just can’t duplicate with sufficient strength and consistency. In many cases these detail parts are so small bonding them can be a challenge. The application of too much adhesive can ruin the detailed scale effect.

Insta-cure CA - BSI Adhesives

During the construction of one such kit, the Jasmine Model 1/144 scale SR-71 Blackbird, we discovered why the U.S. importer (Engineer Hobbies) recommends BSI’s Insta-Cure super thin CA for assembly of the parts. While holding the metal parts together, one small drop of Insta-Cure penetrates a joint to produce an almost instantaneous, nearly invisible bond with amazing strength.

Blackbird Model - Super Glue - Cyanoacrylate - CA - BSI Adhesives

There are several tools available on the market for applying small amounts of CA. We tried several during the construction of the Blackbird, but we found what works best and is the easiest to clean is a craft stylus/embossing tool. The small metal ball machined into the end of the tool, when dipped into the thin CA, will transfer the majority of the CA on it when it touches a metal joint.
Insta-Cure CA - BSI Superglue - BSI Adhesives
For some PE kits, like the Imperial Shuttle and Empire State Building made by Metal Earth, small tabs are either bent or twisted to hold parts together. We have found these tabs work good 95% of the time, but for the other 5%, a small drop of our Maxi-Cure and Insta-Set applied to the tab secures the joint with the desired rigidity. 

Model Adhesives - Best Model Bonding Super Glue - BSI Adhesives
Empire State Building Model - Metal Earth - PE Model Kit Bonding - Best Glue - BSI Adhesives

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