Monday, March 18, 2013

Fiberglass Cloth to PVC Planking?

Q:  Will any of your epoxies work on installing fiberglass cloth to PVC planking on a model boat?  – R. Sercu , Hilton, NY
Insta-Cure - BSI CA - Model Boat - PVC - Fiberglass - BSI Adhesives
A:  Epoxy does not form the strongest bond to PVC. We would recommend laying the dry cloth down on the PVC and then saturating the cloth with Insta-Cure, or Super-Gold thin CA. You should apply just enough CA to create a bond between the cloth and the plastic. Then you can fill the texture of the weave with our Finish-Cure epoxy and sand it down smooth. Carefully applying a heat gun to the epoxy after applying it will eliminate any air bubbles trapped in the cloth. You will need very good ventilation if you use the Insta-Cure since it gives off a large amount of irritating fumes when used over a large area. The Super-Gold will not give off these fumes, but it costs a lot more. Many modelers think it’s worth it. BSI products are available from Dan’s Crafts & Things in Rochester.