Thursday, March 14, 2013

Best All-Around Household Glue

Q: What is your best all-around household glue?     – S. Levine , Brooklyn, NY

Maxi-Cure - Cyanoacrylate - CA - household glue - BSI - Glue
A:  If you were to buy only one BSI product, Maxi-Cure cyanoacrylate (CA) would have the most universal use. Its extra thickness makes it easier to use. Some would argue that Insta- Cure+ would be a better choice since it will bond a little faster, but it is not as thick. Your best choice for a second
product would be Insta-Set accelerator. This will cure any excess CA that oozes from a joint and lets you handle parts in less than ten seconds. It also allows you to build up fillets of the CA in the corners of joints for extra strength. Insta-Set will also promote bonding of materials that CA by itself has difficulty with.

Un-Cure debonder would be your third choice, since you never know when you may accidentally bond your fingers together or to the parts you are joining. Un-Cure will also soften CA that has accidentally spilled on most surfaces.