Sunday, October 14, 2012

Using Insta-Set Accelerator with BSI CAs

Q: Why would I ever need to use your Insta-Set accelerator? Your CAs bond so quickly I don't think I would need them to be any faster.
– J. Biersach, Madison, WI

A: Whenever you are bonding material with the thicker CAs, some of the CA will ooze out of the joint. Even though the parts may be firmly bonded within 5-10 seconds, the excess CA can remain liquid for several minutes. Spraying the joint with the Insta-Set will harden this CA in less than ten seconds so you can handle the parts without fear of bonding your fingers to them. For stronger construction, fillets can be formed with thicker CA in the
corners of 90° joints and then sprayed with Insta-Set. Some materials like high acid content or very dry wood, low surface energy plastics and foam do not have the correct chemistry to initiate the polymerization of CA. This is when it's necessary to use Insta-Set to get any kind of instant bonding.