Thursday, October 11, 2012

One Drop of Cyanoacrylate (CAs) holds 650 lbs.

Q: "I was watching the show MythBusters on TV the other night and they demonstrated how all the furniture in a room could be super glued to the ceiling. It looked like they were using BSI's products for this. Is that true?"
– R. Smith, Cape Coral, FL

A: Yes, one of our lucky dealers was able to sell a lot of Insta-Cure+ and Insta-Set to the crew at MythBusters. You can see the highlights of the show on their web site by searching "super adhesive." The show also demonstrated that one drop of cyanoacrylate can hold up to 650 lbs and seven drops was able to pick up up a large station wagon. For years BSI's adhesives were considered to be the generic brand, which in a grocery store usually translates to cheaper but not quite as good. Modelers and manufacturers have discovered, however, that BSI is the new standard for excellence.