Thursday, October 13, 2016

Super-Gold and Matt Steele take the Gold in the FAI World Championships for Space Models

The U.S. Spacemodeling team competed in the FAI World Championships for Space Models August 22-30 in the Ukraine against 17 other countries. Matt Steele from Sandy, UT, who uses BSI's Super-Gold CAs, Insta-Set, Quik-Cure and Slow-Cure for the construction of all his rockets, came back with some hardware – an individual Gold Medal, a team Gold Medal and a team Silver medal. Matt says, "I've been an avid fan of the Bob Smith product line for many, many years, and I only use the Gold label products for my CA needs - it takes gold to win gold. BSI makes great stuff."

Space Models - Super-Gold Adhesives - BSI Adhesives
Matt's Black Brant IV soared to over 1515 feet.
Model Rocket Adhesive - Super Glue - Odorless Foam Safe Adhesive - BSI Adhesives
Matt's S2P Precision Fragile Payload Rocket lifts off.

FAI World Champion 2016 - Super-Gold Plus - BSI Adhesives
Matt gets his Gold Medal.

Super-Gold Plus - Odorless Foam Safe Cyanacrolate (CA) Adhesive - BSI Adhesives

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