Friday, September 30, 2016

BSI: Making the Making-Stuff World Possible from a No. 1 Fan

Ever dreamed of having your own fan club? We knew a lot of people loved us, but didn't realize until recently that we had a No. 1 Fan. Of course we had to contact him to find out why he so boldly claimed this. Here's what he told us:

"Without exaggeration, you guys make my making-stuff world possible. I've been building since I was a kid, and Dad raised me on Zap.  That was how it was until I found the good stuff about 20 years ago.
There are other brands of thin CA's, but none of them soak like Super Thin.  None of them activate as well as the medium with the kicker.  None of the foam stuff is even close to the Super-Golds.  Then there's the special stuff and the epoxies, etc, etc.
Needless to say, I'm a huge fan.  Thank you for making an awesome product."


Arron Bates, BSI's No. 1 Fan 
Aerobatic RC Aircraft - BSI CA - Cyanoacrylate - BSI Adhesives

Arron's Super Honey Badger 3D Aerobatic aircraft incorporates the tail rotor from a helicopter to give it unbelievable maneuverability. It is arguably the most aerobatic fixed wing large R/C aircraft.  Details can be seen here: The unique tail structure was hand made by Arron and glued with BSI CA, including the mount for the rotor unit (which on helis is usually bolted to the airframe). The carbon structure of the pictured red SHB survived what Arron described as one of the hardest R/C crashes he'd ever seen, and he simply had to mount it in the blue Super Honey Badger seen in the video.

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