Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Building a Scale Model of the Riley Model B Kit Plane: Using the RIGHT Adhesives

Chuck Gratner from Pittsburgh, PA, like many aviation enthusiasts, is fascinated with the art and beauty of aircraft from the 1930. So, he has created from the missing chapter of this Golden Age of Aviation the Riley Model B, which combines many of the best features from aircraft of this period.
Model Airplane - Building Airplane - BSI Adhesives

Chuck details the construction of the Model B on his website, where it is clear he uses BSI's Insta-Set accelerator, but less clear what brand of thin CA is used as the primary adhesive for the aircraft. So we contacted Chuck, and his response was "There is no mystery about what glue I use. It has been BSI exclusively for as long as I can remember!" He went on to say that one of the best things about the Insta-Cure super thin is he rarely actually needs an accelerator. He uses capillary tubing (BSI #305) inserted into the nozzle and usually doesn't have a clog for the entire life of a 2 oz. bottle.
Adhesives for Model Building - BSI Adhesives
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