Monday, March 9, 2015

Artistic Polymer Clay Pens Use BSI Super-Gold+ Adhesive Finish

BSI Super-Gold Plus - Super Gold+ - Bob Smith Adhesives

BSI CA's are used by many woodworkers and artists in the making of custom writing pens. The artist for these creations is Toni Ransfield. She does the polymer clay work and Ed Street finishes the pens with BSI Super-Gold+.
The Super-Gold+ is used as a coating on the outside of the pen. It gives the pen a super deep 3D look.

Woodworking Adhesives - Cyanoacrylate - CA Glues - BSI Adhesives

Toni Ransfield recently wrote this article on Cyanoacrylate ‘CA’ Treatment. This is an excellent source of information for any artist involved in woodworking.
Woodworking Finishes - Custom Writing Pens - CA used as Finish - BSI Glues

Toni Ransfield - polymer clay - CA glue finish - BSI - Bob Smith Adhesive
Check out these other images and video on Ed Street's process.
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