Monday, February 27, 2017

BSI Adhesives for Home Improvement - Crown Moulding Hacks

Crown Moulding - Insta-set - Super Glue - Crown Molding - BSI Adhesives

Home contractors are discovering that BSI adhesives save them a ton of time when installing interior wood trim work and crown moulding. The following video details the professional secrets of Chris, The Idaho Painter and Richard of DFW Crown Moulding.  These craftsmen use Insta-Cure+ and/or Maxi-Cure CA along with Insta-Set accelerator to quickly make joints with superior strength. In this video and several others on YouTube, they use one technique that BSI would recommend for only experienced professionals.  Instead of applying the Insta-Set to the part opposite of the one to which  the CA is applied, they spray the accelerator directly on the glue before joining the parts. This gives you a maximum of only 8 seconds from the time the Insta-Set is applied to get the parts perfectly aligned and joined. A delay of just a few seconds will result in the CA curing before the parts are joined, something that will eventually happen to us mere mortals.  So BSI recommends spraying the Insta-Set on the side opposite to the one that will have the CA applied. The accelerator will remain effective for a minute or more, giving you time to deal with real life delays.

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