Saturday, August 1, 2015

Unmanned Aircraft for Navy and Marines uses BSI Cyanoacrylates

On July 24, Insitu, a division of Boeing, received an order for six more RQ-21A Blackjack systems, which includes 30 of the air vehicles.  Insitu uses BSI's cyanoacrylates in the production of their ScanEagle and Blackjack tactical reconnaissance UAVs.

The Blackjack is a larger, twin-tailed follow-on to the ScanEagle for the navy’s Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System program. It has a maximum gross takeoff weight of 61kg (135lb) and can patrol from an altitude of 19,500ft for up to 16 hours with an operating radius of 50nm. The RQ-21A’s electro-optical/infrared sensor ball can capture day and night full-motion video and has a mid-wave infrared imager. The UAV also has a laser rangefinder capability and can act as a communications relay. Naval Air Systems Command says the current requirement is for 25 Blackjack systems (125 aircraft) and the Marines need 32 (160 aircraft).