Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Does BSI Epoxy Dry Clear?

One of the greatest features of Quik-Cure epoxy is that it dries clear, which enhances work time and the beauty of your project. If you don't believe us then listen to E. Cayemberg from Manitowoc, WI . . .
"I kinda dig the way 5 minute Bob Smith epoxy [Quik-Cure] dries clear and seals up covered rocket surfaces masterfully. No tape, no PVC pipe pullers or fancy sticks; just approximately the right amount of epoxy, a steady finger and some alcohol (to wipe up your sticky finger and messy rocket)."    – E. Cayemberg

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Monday, February 27, 2017

BSI Adhesives for Home Improvement - Crown Moulding Hacks

Crown Moulding - Insta-set - Super Glue - Crown Molding - BSI Adhesives

Home contractors are discovering that BSI adhesives save them a ton of time when installing interior wood trim work and crown moulding. The following video details the professional secrets of Chris, The Idaho Painter and Richard of DFW Crown Moulding.  These craftsmen use Insta-Cure+ and/or Maxi-Cure CA along with Insta-Set accelerator to quickly make joints with superior strength. In this video and several others on YouTube, they use one technique that BSI would recommend for only experienced professionals.  Instead of applying the Insta-Set to the part opposite of the one to which  the CA is applied, they spray the accelerator directly on the glue before joining the parts. This gives you a maximum of only 8 seconds from the time the Insta-Set is applied to get the parts perfectly aligned and joined. A delay of just a few seconds will result in the CA curing before the parts are joined, something that will eventually happen to us mere mortals.  So BSI recommends spraying the Insta-Set on the side opposite to the one that will have the CA applied. The accelerator will remain effective for a minute or more, giving you time to deal with real life delays.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

91 Year Old RC Modeler Wins BSI Adhesives

BSI donates product to many organizations all year long, but the best part of donating is the feedback from customers. It doesn't matter what age you are BSI adhesives fit your hobbies.

I was one of the lucky winners at our Club's Christmas Raffle and I won your box of glue.  It is very much appreciated for I am 91 years of age and I would rather build from plans or scratch or repair than fly.  I am about ready to give up flying.  It's tough getting old. This winter I finished a Piper Club  62"  for a member and before that a PT-19  like I trained in during WW2.
Thanks again for the Glue
Art G.
Congratulations Art! Keep 'em flying!

BSI Adhesives - RC planes - bsi donates glue
Art's workshop.
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

3-D Printed Parts are Using Super Glue - BSI Super Glue

In the September 2016 issue of the Experimental Aircraft Association's Sport Aviation magazine, Carol and Brian Carpenter discuss the post-processing of 3-D printed parts. In the section that addresses the repair of these parts, they state "Super glue is another medium we've used quite extensively on all of the different types of plastic material. If applied to the sanding dust during the curing process, it will create a strong joint that is also very sandable. However, we have found much better results using the hobby shop type super glue for model airplanes over the more generic super glues found at the hardware store."

Super Glue - 3-D Printed Parts - Cyanoacrylate - BSI Adhesives BSI makes the number one selling super glues (cyanoacrylates, CA) that are sold in hobby stores.

Cyanoacrylate - CA - Super Glue - Hobby Store Super Glue - BSI Adhesives

Find a Hobby Store that sells BSI adhesives. Please note that many of our Hobby Store dealers private label BSI adhesive.  Look for our packaging with your favorite Hobby Store logo on it!

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Super-Gold and Matt Steele take the Gold in the FAI World Championships for Space Models

The U.S. Spacemodeling team competed in the FAI World Championships for Space Models August 22-30 in the Ukraine against 17 other countries. Matt Steele from Sandy, UT, who uses BSI's Super-Gold CAs, Insta-Set, Quik-Cure and Slow-Cure for the construction of all his rockets, came back with some hardware – an individual Gold Medal, a team Gold Medal and a team Silver medal. Matt says, "I've been an avid fan of the Bob Smith product line for many, many years, and I only use the Gold label products for my CA needs - it takes gold to win gold. BSI makes great stuff."

Space Models - Super-Gold Adhesives - BSI Adhesives
Matt's Black Brant IV soared to over 1515 feet.
Model Rocket Adhesive - Super Glue - Odorless Foam Safe Adhesive - BSI Adhesives
Matt's S2P Precision Fragile Payload Rocket lifts off.

FAI World Champion 2016 - Super-Gold Plus - BSI Adhesives
Matt gets his Gold Medal.

Super-Gold Plus - Odorless Foam Safe Cyanacrolate (CA) Adhesive - BSI Adhesives

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Monday, October 3, 2016

AMA and NMPRA to Induct Bob Smith into Hall of Fame this Month!

The weekend of Oct 8-9, BSI's namesake will be inducted into the Hall of Fame of both the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and the National Miniature Pylon Racing Association at the NMPRA's Championship Race at  the Apollo XI Field at Lake Balboa (Sepulveda Basin) in Southern California.  The location is where Bob learned to fly and he still considers it his home field.  Bob was very active in the club that is sponsoring the race, the San Fernando Valley RC Flyers, and he will be competing in this championship race.

Bob's star started to rise when he was just 17 years old and won the AMA's National Championship in 1970 at Glenview Naval Air Station in Illinois.

AMA Hall of Fame - Bob Smith - National Miniature Pylon Racing Association -BSI Adhesive

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Friday, September 30, 2016

BSI: Making the Making-Stuff World Possible from a No. 1 Fan

Ever dreamed of having your own fan club? We knew a lot of people loved us, but didn't realize until recently that we had a No. 1 Fan. Of course we had to contact him to find out why he so boldly claimed this. Here's what he told us:

"Without exaggeration, you guys make my making-stuff world possible. I've been building since I was a kid, and Dad raised me on Zap.  That was how it was until I found the good stuff about 20 years ago.
There are other brands of thin CA's, but none of them soak like Super Thin.  None of them activate as well as the medium with the kicker.  None of the foam stuff is even close to the Super-Golds.  Then there's the special stuff and the epoxies, etc, etc.
Needless to say, I'm a huge fan.  Thank you for making an awesome product."


Arron Bates, BSI's No. 1 Fan 
Aerobatic RC Aircraft - BSI CA - Cyanoacrylate - BSI Adhesives

Arron's Super Honey Badger 3D Aerobatic aircraft incorporates the tail rotor from a helicopter to give it unbelievable maneuverability. It is arguably the most aerobatic fixed wing large R/C aircraft.  Details can be seen here: The unique tail structure was hand made by Arron and glued with BSI CA, including the mount for the rotor unit (which on helis is usually bolted to the airframe). The carbon structure of the pictured red SHB survived what Arron described as one of the hardest R/C crashes he'd ever seen, and he simply had to mount it in the blue Super Honey Badger seen in the video.

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